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Shipwrecks Of The Soul

So Oft the tides of life may bring Old shipwrecks to your soul And where once you walked with pristine beauty, You must struggle now for joy. Like haunting ghosts in approaching fog, Fear tempts to bend your will, With outstretched arms of unseen harm, To wrest the cup you'd fill. The soul scream of thy human bondage, Assails the peace of night with why, Seeking through its starlit cloak For some pearl thy soul would prize. Ego's tower of mortal power, Darkly points to outward blame And searches in its tiny kingdom For some balance to its pain. So doth fortunes wheel attend, Between the pleasure and the pain, Till conscious squalor to hard to swallow, Bends an ear to Christ within. Thus do we wander and weave, Through the shipwrecks of the soul, Like a lone survivor on a dying island, Afraid of content life may hold. Allied with mysteries of vision dim, Ego's web of power reigns, To cloud horizons lifting sun, At heavens gate within.

In times as these a friend would please With vision beyond our reason, That passes through the outward view Of illusions in their treason. But few of flesh could meet the test That is our own to meet, So ego thumps its chest pretentious, Adamant to defeat Yet within there calls a voice As a yearning, burning feeling That whispers of its keen desire, For our faith to bring its healing. More than friend it is I Am, That oneness we call divine; The omnipresent God I Am; Our Christ individualized. For those in need of a face to see, Then let praise be to Jesus; A master true, who came as truth, To deliver us to our freedom. But follow not the mistake of ages And give worship to the form, For the Christ of God is the Christ in all And that oneness is the son. Jesus was the embodiment Of the truth that is our own, That we are one with God our Father And this world is not our home.

Betwixt two worlds our soul is torn, With that of spirit and that of form; Slaves of ego, yet gods of light, In vague remembrance that we are Christ. Ego endures through Christ denial; Separation is its kingdom, With its feast of fears, like silent thieves That divide our minds against us. So usurped is peace of mind, Like a tempest in the soul, As Christ reminds us we are divine, Beneath the grip of ego's hold. Reason promotes life's limitations As the reality of the senses; When such a pinpoint of perception Is just a thimble of existence. Reasoning mind will never find What is beyond its comprehension. Only faith can match the appointed task And rise our Christ to its ascension. Like hand in glove is faith and love, That brings the Christ in us emerging; To stand forth the God-Man-Christ, The prodigal son in his returning. For indeed we are the sons and daughters Of the holy ONE most high; Here on Earth to complete its work Of manifesting with our light.

In us there is no limitation; Our word is power born, To do all things as Jesus did, That his will in us be done. Surrender not to guilt and shame; Love does not condemn; Forgive yourself and extend to others, Salvation as a friend. Of thy sins within, wipe them clean; Start anew each day, With the words and works of Jesus Christ As a light to lead your way. Be determined and set your mind To reveal the Christ in you as life And proclaim I am Christ consciousness And not a body in God's sight. For to behold creation as the truth Is idolatry in its error, As all things made are God our Father, Manifest but for our pleasure. Realize now you are not a body And that the only truth is God, Where to see and think and be the Christ Is to be as God, first cause. Then ye also shall speak the truth That the Father and I are one And where unto your word is sent, In God it will be done. In my Father's house is many mansions, Speaks of the planes of consciousness, Where each soul shall make its home According to it enlightenment.

The wheel of incarnation revolves Between these heavenly spheres and Earth, Till our soul within as Christ ascends To break the cycle of rebirth. For we are but returning By the way where once we came, To learn our mastery of creation With the riches of wisdom gained. Through our attention upon life's forms And the trickery of the senses, Ego weaved its veil of ignorance To ordain the world its kingdom, Thus was born our anti-Christ, Through empowerment to illusion And ego crowned itself as King And nailed the Christ to our confusion. The journey homeward is not easy, For our ignorance has grown thick And ego will use all its means To keep us from our bliss. But with perseverance and devotion Our light as Christ will grow And friends in realms invisible, With love shall aid our soul. Surrender now as a little child Your faith and trust as flowers And depend on God for everything, Without doubting in your Father. Be set free in joyous laughter; Cast your burdens upon the Christ And lift them not up once again, Lest ye bind your wings from flight.

The garden of your faith Is the Eden of your soul Where peace is never anxious For the promise that God holds. Every flower of fulfillment And every fruit of rarest taste Is the bounty of God's oneness As his love that's manifest. With trust in him as absolute, God's power will be your own. For in the mirror of truth's reflection, God and self are seen as one. Thus where is doubt in oneness? Would truth withhold from self? Only in the eyes of duality Does ego rob you of your wealth. Remain transfixed upon God's kingdom, In the world but still not of it And know heaven is yourself within Created in God's image. Like a microcosmic universe, Flesh body clothes the Christ For integration with three dimensions In the deepest density of the light. All things exit in consciousness Where ideas are given form And manifest through light vibration, That their experience can be known.

Appearance is labeled reality Through false judgement of the mind, That accepts deception as true perception, For the fantasy it will find. But in the mind that is of Christ And not of ego born, Creation remains as wisdom's window And not illusions to be owned. Such folly of interpretation Is ego's illustrious tool To offer a kingdom in substitution For the divinity that you knew. But its price of entry is paid in centuries, To be its mortal hapless slave, A forgotten god in ego's fog, Grasping illusions toys afraid. I would bid you take a walk with me, Beyond these shipwrecks of the soul And command your life toward the Christ; That truth in God you own. Tarry not where dogma swamps; Pull up anchor and set your sails And weep not for that left behind, That gains profit when you fail. Point your course to new horizons, Where the winds are fresh with change And boldly face your ancient truth Where no mortals enter in.

All your worldly baggage Must be transformed into love And offered as your seed of faith, For the Christ within to grow. This sojourn will invoke the tears Of thy doubting inward pain; For to deny the world its authority, Is to cast all reason to the wind. But for everything that's lost, Truth's treasures will refill, From the tiny seed of faith you gave, New kingdoms Christ will build. But know before you enter in, Sword and shield you'll raise to heaven And bravely face your ego's death As your battle at Armageddon. Ego may charm with promises Or call its demon fears of hell, To seduce your soul let go, let go, Of this Christ you see as self. Get thee behind me Satan, Command the lie of ages And stand firm in your conviction, To thrust the sword of truth that saves you. Waiver not, but should you falter, Before the onslaught of the beast; God's champion in the Holy Spirit, Shall assist you to your feet.

For the Christ that nears ascension finds, God's waiting hand as grace, As the Holy Spirit surrounds the ego, With the oneness of God's face. Thus separation's spell is broken And the ego lie is slain, As truth shines through duality, To hail the sovereign Christ as King. Remember Jesus faced his demons, As temptation from his path; But with vision true he held to truth And his ego met its death. So with you and each and all, Who will conquer with Christ vision; Shall step beyond all time and space And retrieve the heritage they were given. To know their oneness with God our Father, As the glorious immortal Christ; Crowned Kings and Queens of all creation; AWAKE, YE LORDS OF LIGHT!                           

The End


Chiron Christi


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